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Hell yes! HAIL SATAN 

Fuck yes!  Be sure to add as much alcohol  and drugs as is possible.

"Fuck off you sick fuckin' faggot... you ain't goin' near my cock... Get the fuck outta my face before I kick the crap outta you you sick fuckin' homo..."

Brett could not see. His arms tied behind his back. His balls pulled down every step he walks, tugging at him and forced him to walk in an unnatural gait. The sun beating on his back. 

Someone put a rope around his neck. That person forced Brett to march forward. He could feel his bare feet on hot asphalt. He could hear the crowd. People were bustling on the street. Someone shouted some comments at him. Brett could feel their stare all over his body.

"What is this? Somebody help me?"

Brett said. But nobody seemed to do anything to help him as his captor told him to march forward to the uncertain future.